Information About Negligent Supervision Laws and Personal Injury Claims

unduhan (85)In personal injury cases, if a person or child is injured under the care of another, there might be claims of negligent supervision. Negligent supervision is a term that refers to the act of failing to responsibly watch over or take care of a child, person, or group of people. The most common victims of negligent supervision injuries and accidents are children and elderly, but really anyone can sustain a personal injury resulting from negligent supervision. Continue reading to learn more about negligent supervision claims, and who to call if you believe you or a loved one might have recently endured personal injuries as a result of this kind of carelessness.

The Law

When we hire a service or person to watch over, babysit, or care for a loved one, we don’t anticipate that something will go wrong, or that a loved one will be injured while under appointed … Read the rest

Real Estate Law in Romania

images (40)If you are looking to buy a holiday or second home or invest in Romania, Transylvania or at the Black Sea and you are a foreign citizen/investor, there are few aspects you should know about the procedure an the costs for the acquisition of Romanian land or Romanian houses.

After 2012, foreign citizens EU citizens (non-Romanian) may purchase a home or apartment in Romania may freely buy and sell any Romanian property, without restrictions. Along with the sell price for the property, buying real estate in Romania has other costs associated with it.

If you have chosen to collaborate with a Romanian real estate agent/ broker you can expect to have an additional commission of approximately  of the price of the property. The local tax will be of the price of the property. The signing of a contract must be witnessed by a public notary who submits it for certification … Read the rest

Duties of a Divorce Lawyer

A divorce lawyer is the one that people see to help them with the legal ending of their marriage. Both the husband and wife will need to justify and validate their reasons for the divorce and why they are no longer living together as husband and wife. The lawyer will have the evidence that supports their client’s claim. In cases where the marriage has broken down on hostile grounds the divorce lawyer will need to prove that the complaints being filed by their client is valid. This is especially true if they are claiming they have been assaulted by their spouse, the marriage was violent, danger to the children, or infidelity.

In addition to pleading their client’s case in court there are other duties that a divorce lawyer has to do before even getting to court. These can include:

• Interviewing their client and getting all the necessary information from … Read the rest

How Husbands Can Protect Themselves Against Financial Claims in a Divorce Case

This being one of the most important questions asked by many who face the dilemma of divorce proceedings. Based on our experience, we have summarized a few of the commonly used ploys used by husbands against their wives, while we have represented the wives.

1. Obtaining Loans

The first thought running through a husband’s claim is how to minimize the financial judgment at the time of the divorce is to attempt to take loans, including credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, credit lines, car financing, etc. this results in the increase of their liability and they try to prove to the judge that due to their liabilities, they are unable to pay a financial claim raised by the wife. The judge is required to look at the assets and liabilities of the husband prior to declaring the settlement amount.

1a. Issues

There are a few issues with this tactic used by … Read the rest

Pre & Post Marriage Detectives

Today, finding a good girl or boy for marriage is as difficult task as finding a mine of gold. Those days were gone when you have all the information related to the boy or girl with whom you are marrying on your figure tips along with their relatives. Today, when no one has time for anyone, keeping track of anyone’s lifestyle and personal history is one of the works of the past especially in the urban areas. The same applies for the married couple also. Today in the cities, post marital affairs and relationship is very common and that could lead to many uncertain incidents and even heinous crimes. So, what is the solution to these questions? And the answer is marriage detectives. An experienced pre & post marriage detective agency can not only save you from getting married to a fake girl or boy, but it can also save … Read the rest