How to Buy Art and Paintings

How do I buy art? Well, that’s the million dollar question! Well, I’ll try and decipher this age old mystery through a bit of research and from experience dealing with art buyers.

I’ll tell it you upfront – You don’t have to finish reading this article to know how to buy art because its really simple.

Here’s the golden rule: Buy only what you love.

Speculation shouldn’t be the essence of buying art. We’ve heard it a thousand times.

I’m a firm believer of this and recommend against buying art on impulse. It’s romantic to believe in love at first sight but we prefer cultivating love over time.

So, view it a couple of times at different occasions and if you’re still hopelessly in love with it. Follow your instincts.

There are people who buy art purely for its aesthetic value and there’s nothing wrong with it. There are some who value the quality of art by its price and there’s nothing wrong with it as well.

I however encourage everyone to bring art collecting to a higher level by understanding it as well.

Discover its story – what is the artist’s motivation? What emotions are being expressed or is it just a beautiful doodling piece? Is he trying to say something or invoke certain thoughts? Perhaps you’ll find a factor that clicks with you!

Here are 10 questions to ask when seeing a work for the first time.

1. How does it make me feel?

2. Do I understand it?

3. Does it remind me of something else I have seen?

4. What do I think the artist is trying to express

5. Do I like it?

6. Do I want to know more about it?

7. Do I want to see more art by this artist?

8. Would I recommend seeing this art to friends?

9. Do I want to own this art?

10. What do I know about this gallery?

I take a more romantic stance in buying art. If you’re looking at it 24/7, waiting for the art piece to appreciate, or even for the artist to pass on (sadly, some people do), and it doesn’t make you intrinsically FEEL good, then chances are that it isn’t worth the money.

Of course, I wish for all buyers to hit the real jackpot – something that speaks to you and is likely to appreciate based on the artist’s potential. Good luck!