How To Choose Art And Paintings To Decorate Your Home

How do you choose art for your home? There are four factors that will affect how you go about choosing art and paintings to decorate your home. They are price, style, your house, and the artist. Some choose art for the beauty of the piece itself, while others look for treasures that will blend in well with their decor. Neither is wrong or right, but it’s important to ascertain the kind of art buyer you are before choosing art for your home.

Style leads to the third factor, your home. For some, how art ‘matches’ means little, but for others, art is an accent and a part of the home. If your walls are covered in Victorian, floral wallpaper, perhaps that abstract might not look right. There’s nothing wrong with purchasing a piece for color or style alone, just make sure that you like it too.

First, price. Set a price level for yourself. Some will argue that such stringent values shouldn’t be put on art, but reality begs to differ. For less expensive options, try purchasing a print or reproduction, rather than an original or buying pieces from young, new artists. By setting a price limit for yourself before you begin your search, you’ll also be able to narrow down where you’ll be looking – from high-end galleries to print warehouses.

Second is style. You don’t have to decide right away, but it can often help if you know whether or not you’re looking for a traditional landscape or a minimalist abstract. Are you the sort of person that likes realistic portraits, or do you go for big, blotchy expressions of color? Think about your personal preferences and style before you wind up with a sketch of a horse when you really wanted a Pollock-esque oil.

Finally, the artist. Whether you’re buying a print reproduction or an original, take some time to read the artist’s statement and learn about the piece. You’ll be surprised by how much this simple, yet fundamental background information into the work can influence your decision. Not only will you better understand the art you’ve chosen for your home, but you’ll have a story to tell as well.

Above all else, make sure you like it and that you truly enjoy looking at it. Pick pieces that you want to stare at. It may take a lifetime to find them, but it’s worth it.