What To Look For When Purchasing Canvas Art And Paintings On eBay And The Internet

There are hundreds of artists selling their art work and paintings on eBay now. Most of the time you will purchase a real, hand painted, original work direct from the artist – these are usually a real bargain (direct from the artist with no gallery mark up), and usually high quality, beautiful works. Most artists selling on eBay are genuine artists, people who love to paint and genuinely make a living selling their work. However, as with all trades, there are those in it just to make a fast buck and leave you with inferior, poor quality art, not something you would want to hang on your walls.

Here are some things to look out for.


Always check the size of a painting before buying. If you are not sure of sizes make sure you get a ruler an measure out the size of the painting. It is even worth making paper templates and checking the painting will look good and fit the wall where you hope to hang it. Checking the size is especially important if an artist uses a mocked up picture of a settee or room showing how their painting may look. Often these do not represent the real proportions (as usually stated in the auction) and you should make sure you know the real size before you place your bid.

If it seems to good to be true it probably is….

Beware of people claiming to be artists who sell their paintings in galleries yet they list their works on eBay for a few pounds – if they were selling for hundreds in galleries would they really regularly part with the same work for only a few pounds?

Check that a hand painted painting is all hand painted.

If you are looking for an original, make sure you know the entire painting has been hand painted. Often images are printed on to canvases and then ‘artists’ will add a couple of brush strokes. The painting can then be said to be ‘hand painted’ but it may not be exactly what you had in mind.

Stretched or Un-stretched

If you are buying a canvas painting make sure you know if it is stretched or not. Most artists paint on stretched canvas and ship the paintings already framed. Make sure you know what you are buying before you place your bid. An un stretched canvas may be easier and cheaper for the artist to post but you will need to get it stretched once you receive it. The cost of having a painting stretched can be huge – much more than the difference between shipping for a stretched verses an un stretched canvas. Before buying an un stretched painting it would be a good idea to contact a few picture framers in your area to find out how much a stretching service would be. That way you will know how much you will be looking to spend on top of the cost of the painting and the shipping.


If you are buying a commission from an artist make sure you know how long the commission will take and the colours, design and size. Check if the artist will send you a photo to approve before sending your painting and if you want something in a different colour if the artist does not state that this is possible in the listing it is probably best to email the artist before you buy.

Read Feedback

You should always check a users feedback before you buy on eBay – are people happy with the product they have bought? Take a look at the artists ‘about me’ page and see if they have a website – if so take a look.

Have Fun

The most important thing when buying an original piece of art is to have fun – enjoy it. Enjoy searching for that perfect piece. The expectation as you wait for it to arrive. Have fun unwrapping it (like a Christmas present) and enjoy the colour, the design and the texture of the paint and brushstrokes. If you choose something you really like hopefully you will have something you will really enjoy and love for years to come. There is a painting out there for every one – where will you find yours?

Finding a Good Arts and Painting School

It can be quite hard to keep your enthusiasm for arts alive, most especially when you have not yet explored its boundaries and limits. Pursuing your interest in the arts and especially in painting can be quite difficult especially when you have not yet honed it to its best potential, for this reason it is highly suggested that you try to find a good arts and painting school where you can easily learn and expand your skills and knowledge. The schools you find should also be a platform that can help you get the boost that you deserve as an artist, it should help you reach your goals as well as optimize your potentials.

First of all, try to assess what kind of learning you would want to have, some artists want to pursue painting just as a hobby, while others want to pursue painting as a means to earn, for this reason you have to choose what kind of program you want to have. You can get a program that is just meant to give you a certificate afterwards or subsequently, you can pursue a bachelor’s degree in painting so that you can effectively set your sights for the future. A good arts and painting school is one that has teachers which are qualified to teach and train their students, the schools must have the right prerequisites and course outlines as well.

Admittedly, there are many schools which have different strengths as well, for this reason; students must always have the guts to do their research well before they try to enroll in a painting school. Try to search out what kind of strengths you want to have in painting and in the arts, it is possible to enroll in an institution which has a proven track record in animation, industrial design and even in painting. Equipment must always be available in the school so that the students will be able to do what they want and so that they will be ultimately prepared for whatever their needs are. The school must have the facilities, the faculty and all of the other needed aspects to help students grow and mature in their study of the arts and in painting, without much needed factors, the school will not be able to help students at all.

Lastly, an accreditation should always be checked and sought after, sometimes, a student’s assessment is not enough to assess whether a school is qualified to teach them or not. An accreditation from the right authorities should always be asked and so that students will have an assurance of the level of quality in education. For Painting and decorating, you can come and Visit AITE so you can study in one of the qualified schools in Australia.

Creative Mother’s Day Gifts – Canvas Wall Art And Paintings

Treat your mum to a special canvas wall art this Mother’s Day. Giving your mom something different this time will perk up everyone’s interest, not just your mother’s. Too many people give their mothers chocolates, flowers and cards for their birthdays and Mom’s Day. You can be a bit more personalized by gifting her a beautiful paintings for her kitchen, bedroom or living room.

If she is a working mom, why not give her artwork for her office? Maybe something sophisticated like a 3 piece canvas in black and white, or a painting of a cityscape will be suitable for a work place. A single abstract canvas would also be ideal if she works in a small room. Get her an abstract canvas art set for a bigger office.

Paintings and other types of canvas wall art will make creative and unique gifts for Mother’s Day. Flowers are nice but are sort of cliche. Moms get flowers for practically every occasion and sometimes for no special occasion at all. If you give your mom chocolates, everyone helps themselves to it. Why not give her something that appeals specifically to her.

Give her something that she can use to decorate her home or office. Mothers like beautifying their surroundings and decorating their house or work place. It is something they will particularly enjoy doing. Give her the tools to do it by giving her a painting for her special day. She will mentally mark your Mother’s Day present as something out of the ordinary, personalized and special.

Before buying the canvas wall art, look around her house or office and see what kind of artwork will look suitable in the room. Go through the house to see where there are empty spaces that need decorating. Does her kitchen need a splash of colorful artwork of some fruit? Will a large canvas art set of a landscape or seascape look good with her living room furniture?

Take mental measurements of the wall space by estimating the size of canvas that will fit on that empty wall. If you take your tape measure out, she will guess what your are planning to get for her and it won’t be a complete surprise anymore. You can also take more precise measurements while your mom is out of the house.

Other things to consider is your mom’s personal taste. What kind of art does she appreciate? Is she attracted to abstract canvas wall art or traditional paintings? You can gauge your mom’s tastes even from her furniture choices, if they are contemporary, traditional or ultra modern.

Don’t forget to keep in mind the color themes in her home and office too. A good tip is to get a painting that does not have the same exact color as her wall. Instead get a canvas that has the same colors as her accent pieces like throw pillows and maybe her office chair or carpet.

Prioritize your mom’s personal tastes before anything else when getting her canvas wall art as a Mother’s Day present. Consider her favorite colors, her hobbies and places she enjoys visiting.