Is a Domestic Partnership Formed in Another State Recognized By California

State and federal laws about same-sex relationships have changed a lot over the past few decades and will probably continue to change in the near future, so it’s important to understand the current statutes and how they may affect your relationship. Out of the all the 50 US states, California was the first one to grant the most rights and protections to same-sex couples through its domestic partnership law. Enacted in 1999, domestic partnerships in California gave same-sex partners (and opposite-sex couples where at least one party is age 62 or older) a legal status similar to marriage, at least at the state level. When same-sex couples registered as domestic partners, they would be able to use sick leave or family leave to take care of an ill partner, and name their partners as beneficiaries of their wills and 401(k) Plans. Since then California domestic partnerships have been expanded to include all of the rights and responsibilities common to marriage, and are equivalent to civil unions offered in several other states.

In 2008, shortly after the California Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriages were legal, California voters approved Proposition 8, which stripped same-sex couples of the freedom to marry. In 2013, the

Five Tips to Avoid Identity Theft

Identity theft victims reported losing more than $15 billion in 2014. That’s more than the combined losses from burglary, motor vehicle theft and other property theft in the same period. While it’s no surprise that identity theft can leave you feeling vulnerable, there are things you can do to take some control.

Step 1: Order your credit report when you realize you’ve become a victim. You need to quickly find out about any errors showing up on your report. Go to for free copies of your report from all three nationwide credit-reporting companies-Experian, Equifax and Transunion.

If you see any errors or fraudulent charges, report them to the credit reporting companies right away. They will investigate those items and then forward the information to the business that reported it. The business has 30 days to respond.

If the business providing the loan finds an error, it must notify the credit reporting company so your file can be corrected. If your credit changes because of the business’ investigation, the reporting company will send you a letter with the results.

Step 2: Place a fraud alert to make it harder for an identity thief to open more accounts in your name. Call any one of

Plan For Your Last Big Event

Recently, I met a man whose father died suddenly back in IL where he grew up. He was returning home to CA from the memorial. The man shared his father became suddenly sick. Within days of being admitted to the hospital, they called and told him to get there quick. He said that when he arrived, his father took four breaths and passed. I could see the shock and numbness in this man’s being from the experience of his father’s passing. The man said his parents were by no means hoarders but that he felt overwhelmed by his sadness and at the possibility of having to go through the house and make the final settlement of his father’s affairs.

In an article by Lawrence R Samuel Ph.D. in Psychology Today entitled “Death, American Style”, (*see link below) Dr. Samuel states: “Over the past century, death and sex battled it out to be the number one unmentionable in America; these two topics were most reflective of our shame and embarrassment when it comes to all corporeal matters. But death has surged way ahead of sex on a “forbidden quotient,” I think most would agree; the former is now firmly ensconced as this

All You Need to Know About Probate

When you see the dead body of your loved one, you are in a terrible state of shock. No doubt you have got nothing to do with the property, the money and the inheritance that you have been assigned with, deep down inside, you know that you must go on and live your life with a smile after a few days. After all, no one can control death and the things that are beyond your control make you surrender in life.

If you have recently lost a loved one and have been assigned with inheritance, you must know about the concept of probate. The word probate stands for proving of a particular will, which is written by the one, who wishes to pass his money or property to someone he trusts and adores. For an instance, if your father has a huge property, there are a lot of chances for you to be its heir, post his death.

Here is everything that you need to know about this concept:

It is related to:

• All the properties that a deceased individual has
• Repayment of debts that the deceased individual has left behind
• Getting the rights to get the royalties, dividends of stock,

Inheritance by Law

Most people prefer not to dwell on this subject, but the fact is that life is transient. Upon the death of an individual, the fate of their property must be decided. Inheritance is the universal practice of passing on property, as well as rights, obligations, debts and even titles.

But although the practice itself appears in some form in all cultures, the rules of inheritance are subject to the jurisdiction where the decedent (deceased) died or owned property at the time of his or her death.

Inheritance in Israel is governed by the Succession Law of 1965 (‘Succession Law’). The Israeli courts have jurisdiction over the estate of any person who at the time of his or her death was a resident of Israel, or who left property in Israel.

The default presumption of the law is stated in section number 1 of the Succession Law, which is that a man’s estate passes on to his heirs upon his death. This includes his fiscal assets, real estate, copy rights etc.

The law stipulates two ways to bequeath assets: by will or by law. If the deceased has left a will, the inheritance will be meted out accordingly to the heirs stipulated in the will.

What Is the Difference

When people talk about the end of a marriage they often mix up their terminology. They sometimes use legal terms that have very specific meanings without due attention. It is common, for instance, to use the term “divorce” to refer to the termination of a marriage in all cases when, in reality, dissolution (or even a legal separation) is meant. The matter is further complicated by the fact that the definition of these terms varies from state to state.

In states like Ohio, where there is a legal distinction between divorce and dissolution, the difference hinges on whether or not the process whereby a couple terminates their marriage is subject to trial. On a personal level, the difference is largely a function of a couple’s attitude toward one another and their perspective on the end of their marriage.


Fundamentally, a divorce is a lawsuit in which one spouse is the plaintiff and the other is the defendant. The complainant spouse is suing the defendant spouse with the intent, at the very least, of obtaining the termination of marriage. Often there is more at stake, which may be why the intervention of a court is necessary.

The process involves a specific set of steps.

Information About Negligent Supervision Laws and Personal Injury Claims

unduhan (85)In personal injury cases, if a person or child is injured under the care of another, there might be claims of negligent supervision. Negligent supervision is a term that refers to the act of failing to responsibly watch over or take care of a child, person, or group of people. The most common victims of negligent supervision injuries and accidents are children and elderly, but really anyone can sustain a personal injury resulting from negligent supervision. Continue reading to learn more about negligent supervision claims, and who to call if you believe you or a loved one might have recently endured personal injuries as a result of this kind of carelessness.

The Law

When we hire a service or person to watch over, babysit, or care for a loved one, we don’t anticipate that something will go wrong, or that a loved one will be injured while under appointed care. Fortunately, the law does anticipate this scenario, which is why there are laws in place that protect individuals and families from such misfortunes. In

Real Estate Law in Romania

images (40)If you are looking to buy a holiday or second home or invest in Romania, Transylvania or at the Black Sea and you are a foreign citizen/investor, there are few aspects you should know about the procedure an the costs for the acquisition of Romanian land or Romanian houses.

After 2012, foreign citizens EU citizens (non-Romanian) may purchase a home or apartment in Romania may freely buy and sell any Romanian property, without restrictions. Along with the sell price for the property, buying real estate in Romania has other costs associated with it.

If you have chosen to collaborate with a Romanian real estate agent/ broker you can expect to have an additional commission of approximately  of the price of the property. The local tax will be of the price of the property. The signing of a contract must be witnessed by a public notary who submits it for certification by the Land Registry in charge of real estate records. The fees for the Romanian public notary is about  of the purchase price. You

Duties of a Divorce Lawyer

A divorce lawyer is the one that people see to help them with the legal ending of their marriage. Both the husband and wife will need to justify and validate their reasons for the divorce and why they are no longer living together as husband and wife. The lawyer will have the evidence that supports their client’s claim. In cases where the marriage has broken down on hostile grounds the divorce lawyer will need to prove that the complaints being filed by their client is valid. This is especially true if they are claiming they have been assaulted by their spouse, the marriage was violent, danger to the children, or infidelity.

In addition to pleading their client’s case in court there are other duties that a divorce lawyer has to do before even getting to court. These can include:

• Interviewing their client and getting all the necessary information from them. A divorce lawyer has to know the divorce case in detail and not be judgmental and completely biased toward their client. This is necessary to ensure that their client wins.
• Having to complete all the paperwork that is necessary and getting documentation of proof to be submitted to family court.

How Husbands Can Protect Themselves Against Financial Claims in a Divorce Case

This being one of the most important questions asked by many who face the dilemma of divorce proceedings. Based on our experience, we have summarized a few of the commonly used ploys used by husbands against their wives, while we have represented the wives.

1. Obtaining Loans

The first thought running through a husband’s claim is how to minimize the financial judgment at the time of the divorce is to attempt to take loans, including credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, credit lines, car financing, etc. this results in the increase of their liability and they try to prove to the judge that due to their liabilities, they are unable to pay a financial claim raised by the wife. The judge is required to look at the assets and liabilities of the husband prior to declaring the settlement amount.

1a. Issues

There are a few issues with this tactic used by the husbands and it is fair to say that deploying this is not helpful or in their favor. In this respect, the court looks at a few things. Firstly, they look at the nature of the loan and can decide that this loan was not taken out of necessity but as a luxury. Such