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When you suffer a traffic accident and as a result of it you have injuries, you can claim compensation for a traffic accident, what happens is that many times for wanting to solve things as soon as possible does not pay due attention and ends up not perceiving what truly corresponds.

1.    Who can claim compensation for traffic accident injuries?

The compensation can be requested by any person who has been directly or indirectly involved in a traffic accident and has suffered injuries or damages as a result of it. It can be the driver of the vehicle, the co-pilot, a passer-by, etc.

  • Forget about the criminal route (except in the most serious cases)
  • This implies that except in cases of serious imprudence, the claim will not be made through a criminal process, but a civil process.


The ultimate goal of this civil process is for the victim to be compensated for the damages he has suffered as a result of the accident. However, before going to court you should try the extrajudicial route.

2.    How does the extrajudicial route work?

Via aims to ensure vehicle insurance can resolve their conflicts more quickly and friendly, while reducing the volume of work that have the Courts. For that you can take the suggestions of Pittsburgh Medical Malpractice Lawyers.

When claiming compensation for a traffic accident, it is normal to file a claim in writing with the insurance company that caused it.

If an agreement is reached, the insurer must make the payment on the agreed terms. In case the agreement is not possible, it will be necessary to resort to the civil procedure.

Claim compensation for civil traffic accident

If the conciliation does not come to fruition, as affected you can file a civil action to claim compensation that corresponds to you, the deadline is one year.

It is important to bear in mind that in this case it will take more time until you receive the compensation and there is a risk that a possible sentence could be imposed on costs. If the amount you claim is higher than 2,000 dollars, you must also have a lawyer with a solicitor, so you will have to assume more expenses.

Compensation for traffic accident

3.    How long do you have to claim?

You have 1 year to claim both criminally and civilly.

The special case of accidents involving trucks

Special mention deserves the accidents in which a truck has been involved, in these cases it is usual that questions may arise about who corresponds the responsibility.

If you have suffered damage as a result of an accident in which a truck has been involved, the first thing to know is the reason that caused the accident. It may have been due to the driver’s fault, due to poor road conditions, due to a bad load on the truck that can cause the goods to fall onto the road and thus cause an accident, etc. You can support the medical malpractice lawyer’s free consultation there.

It will be the report issued by the competent Security Body that determines the cause of the accident, so it will be necessary to abide by what it says.